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Horary Astrology, a book by Roland Legrand

This   is   the   first   of   a   series   of   books   written   by   Roland   Legrand   and   published   by   Amazon.com    both   in   paperback   and   Kindle   versions.   Other   titles   will   be   available   soon.   They   include   “A complete   course   in   astrology”,   “Transiting   planetary   influences”,   “Solar   Returns”   and   many   others   to   be   announced   before   the   end   of   2016.   Most   of   these   titles   are   actually   available   only   in French language.


In   this   book,   the   authors   shows   you   his   own   way   of   analysing   horary   charts.   This   is   a   step   by   step   guide,   that   will   allow   you   to   answer   all   type   of   questions,   for yourself   and   others   around   you.   Be   it   to   find   your   spectacles   that   you’ve   misplaced   or   to   know   how   an   important   meeting   is   going   to   go,   horary   astrology   is   an easy and quick tool to get pertinent and precise answers. Available from Amazon.com in paperback by CLICKING HERE and in kindle format HERE Check the Amazon site for your country or region for more accurate prices including delivery.    
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