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THE GREAT TRANSITS OF 2019 Significant   planetary   transits   will   occur   in   2019,   foreshadowing   many   weather   and   human   events   that   are   likely   to   mark   the   history   of   our   planet for   generations   to   come.   Jupiter   in   Sagittarius,   Saturn   in   Capricorn   and   Neptune   in   Pisces   will   act   "at   home"   because   they   are   rulers   of   the   signs where   they   are   passing   through.   Saturn   has   been   in   Capricorn   since   21/12/2017   and   Neptune   has   been   in   Pisces   since   5/2/2012.   The   arrival   of Jupiter   in   Sagittarius   on   8/11/2018   could   have   a   powerful   effect   on   the   two   other   planetary   energies.   A   square   with   Neptune   will   increase   the natural   tendency   of   some   of   us   to   make   silly   mistakes,   that   will   lead   to   disappointment,   financially,   morally   or   otherwise...   Here   is   the   list   of   the main movements of the planets , from Venus to Pluto in 2019. If it can be useful to you, I am delighted. Also note the Mercury retrogradations below. It   is   said   that   it   is   not   favourable   to   travel, to     studies,     exams,     appointments     and interviews     when     Mercury     retrogrades. There    are    many    testimonials    on    this subject.   As,   in   principle,   it   is   better   "to prevent   than   to   cure"   (although   it   is   not the   approach   of   the   allopathic   medicine   at all   ....)   To   take   note   of   the   demotions   of Mercury   will   avoid   you   perhaps   incidents of   course   of   which   you   will   pass   easily   and without hesitation :) Note   also   the   retrograde   periods   of   the other    planets.    Venus,    for    example,    is retrograde   since   6th   October   and   it   will   be so   until   16   November   2018.   Its   energy   is less   favourable   than   during   its   direct   motions.   Its   influence   in   Scorpio   may   induce   some   of us   to   be   sentimentally   enhanced,   but   by   being   solely   by   poorly   controlled   sexual   desire.   Its return   into   Libra   on   1st   November   will   have   to   wait   until   the   16th,   when   Venus   resumes   its direct   motion   to   restore   harmony   in   intimate   relationships   somewhat   questioned   during   the retrograde   period.   Moreover,   although   if   the   natives   of   these   two   signs   may   be   more   concerned,   each   one   of   us,   as   for   any   such   phenomenon   in   other   planetary motions, will be affected, at various levels, according to the one’s own birth chart. Jupiter   in   Sagittarius   is   very   strong   because   it   transits   its   sign   of   rulership.   Although   there   is   a   half-sextile   between   elements   located   in   signs   that   follow   each   other and   that   it   is   known   to   be   a   "harmonic   aspect"   of   lesser   value   (twice   less   than   the   trine),   I   am   more   and   more   reluctant   to   agree   with   such   theory.   Indeed,   the   signs that   follow   one   another   do   not   belong   to   spontaneously   compatible   and   complementary   elements.   They   belong   to   those   found   in   a   Square   aspect   (90   °)   and   the Inconjunct   aspect   (150   °).   Sagittarius   forms   a   square   with   Virgo   (Fire   and   Earth   do   not   mix   easily...).   Sagittarius   forms   an   Inconjunct   with   Taurus   (Fire   and   Earth again).   So   why   would   there   be   a   harmonic   link   between   Sagittarius   and   Capricorn?   (Fire   and   Earth   again...)   In   this   sense,   the   effect   of   Jupiter   in   Sagittarius   in   relation to   Capricorn,   may   increase   a   tendency   to   act   or   react   more   radically,   stimulated   by   the   energy   of   Jupiter   in   Sagittarius   forming   a   "half-sextile"   with   Saturn   and   Pluto   in Capricorn.   We   should   be   aware   of   the   possible   effect   of   such   aspect   because   Jupiter   will   also   form   a   Square   with   Neptune,   announcing   potential   disappointment   in areas   where   we   will   not   show   enough   rationality.   Thanks   to   a   sextile   of   Neptune   with   the   conjunction   Saturn-Pluto   in   Capricorn,   some   of   us   will   be   more   objective   and constructive   than   day-dreaming…   However,   the   overall   effect   of   the   configurations   will   most   probably   be   a   source   of   major   troubles   in   personal   life   as   well   as   on   the social, political, economic and, of course, meteorological plans... Note also that Jupiter will be retrograde from 11th April until 12th August... On   the   6th   of   March   2019,   Uranus   will   be   back   in   Taurus,   after   a   short   incursion   from   15   May   until   8   November   2018.   It   will   then   form   a   very   wide   trine   with   Saturn and   Pluto   in   Capricorn,   allowing   to   integrate   important   and   positive   reforms   or   changes   envisaged   since   the   entry   of   Saturn   into   Capricorn   on   21   December   2017.   But, but,   but...   Uranus   will   then   form   an   Inconjunct   with   Jupiter   in   Sagittarius   (Earth   Sign   verses   Fire   Sign)   that   will   trigger   passionate   reactions   motivated   by   a   stronger need for change without necessarily worrying about the concrete and lasting consequences of such changes. Uranus   will   be   retrograde   from   12   August   2019   until   the   beginning   of   the   year   2020.   Any   reform   adopted,   politically   or   more   personally,   runs   the   risk   of   being   blinded from   a   reality   that   will   reclaim   its   rights   on   the   return   of   the   planet   in   direct   motion.   2020   will   be   a   major   year.   Jupiter,   Saturn   and   Pluto   will   conjunct   in   Capricorn   for the   first   and   last   time   in   the   life   of   all   our   contemporaries.   It   will   not   happen   again   for   many   centuries.   The   trine   formed   with   Uranus   in   Taurus   and   the   sextile   from Neptune   in   Pisces   will   be   very   useful   to   protect   us   from   the   worse.   We   will   discuss   this   later   and   in   more   details   in   the   video   that   I   will   make   at   the   end   of   next   year about the main trends of 2020. Until then, have a happy end of 2018 and a wonderful 2019 ! © Roland Legrand ABLAS ASTROLOGY - 09/11/2018