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Bohemian Rhapsody or the life of Freedie Mercury. Recently, I went to see the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" which recounts the great moments of the life of Freddie Mercury, singer of the famous group “Queen”, who gained world-wide success in the 80s. At the end of the film, the spectators applauded. This is the first time I have witnessed such a reaction in a movie theater. Well, it's true that I don’t go to the cinema very often, so it may be a more common practice than I think. Still, this film is extremely well made. The actors are looking very close to the original members of the group and the scenario is very well put together, with very convincing musical moments. Returning home, I went on the Internet to gather Freddie’s birth coordinates. His birth chart is indeed very interesting. There is some controversy on the internet about his birth time, but there are so many controversies on the Internet that I prefer to stick to the info provided by a reputedly objective source: https://astrotheme.com . I made this quick drawing of Freddie from a photo to avoid copyright problems ... I first thought that "Farrokh Bulsara" had changed his name to Freddie “Mercury" because of his sign and ascendant in Virgo, of which Mercury is traditionally considered the “ruler”. I didn’t find anything conclusive to confirm my hypothesis. It could just be a coincidence, then. Freddie was therefore a “double Virgo”. This doubling accentuates the sense of detail, the perfectionist tendency and the anxious nature associated with this sign. The Sun is square the Lunar Nodes, the MC and Uranus, explaining Freddie’s difficulties with any kind of authority (Sun and MC). The inner tug he suffered from (Lunar Nodes) and the extra-ordinary, often marginal traits he showed, both in his art and in his private life (Uranus) are all well described in his birth chart. Mercury in Virgo forms a “hidden” trine with the Moon and an inconjunct with Vesta. Freddie could put his emotions (Moon) to the service of his mental ability (Mercury) to create touching opuses that contributed to his great success. Relational instability however, spread to the heart of his group which he left for some time to try a solo career without real success (Vesta in House VII). The North Node on the tip of the MC and the South on the tip of House IV (Nadir) shows that his life path undoubtedly led him to break away from the family cocoon (House IV) to focus on his career (MC). The conjunction Uranus / North Node / MC is also representative of the extravagance of his socio-professional style that contributed to his triumph, but also to his loss. Uranus rules House VI: health and illnesses. Uranus is found in Gemini, in the sign of Mercury which is in House XII (karma) in the sign of Chiron (health / illness). Chiron is in Libra, in the sign of Vesta which is in Aries in House VII, in the sign ruled by Mars. House VII represents the too many partners of which one or the other ended up transmitting the fatal disease. Mars in Libra refers to Vesta, which refers to Mars ... With five planets in Libra, a sign governed by Vesta (according to my personal practice of astrology) Freddie could only be moved by a strong motivation and hyper-theatrical expression of his art. Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune have put their energy together to produce the incredible success of this astounding artist. Venus is linked to his creativity, love and the sincere compassion he showed towards others, especially his audience. Mars is linked to his combative, almost warlike energy he demonstrated to impose himself in the cunning world of show-business. Jupiter depicts his enthusiasm and incredible optimism that allowed him to become a sort of icon despite the doubts and obstacles that the so-called rational people put in his path. Chiron represents the illness that awaiting, hidden in the heart of that “energy furnace” in Libra that made his tremendous achievement. And Neptune showing his connection, inspiration, sensitivity to vibrations and to the invisible. Neptune that dragged him slowly into the whirlwind of fantasies, drugs, and the confused pleasures of extravagant night-life. Neptune, ruler of House VII, his personal relationships that unwittingly and unknowingly contributed to his descent into hell when the disease was declared, six years before his premature death, at the age of only 45 ... According to my planetary chain technique described in my course (the book is in preparation and will be published sometime this year) the dominant planet in Freddie Mercury’s birth chart would be Vesta, followed closely by Mars. In my practice of astrology, I grant Vesta the rulership of Libra and to Chiron that of Virgo. Vesta and Mars would therefore be rulers of two opposite signs; Aries and Libra. Coincidence or not, these two planets are each in the other’s sign. Therefore, they are both in position of force in relation to the other, but also in position of weakness because each in the opposite sign to its sign of rulership. Suddenly, the strength of this "inversion" of rulership becomes a weakness, but it is probably on that very weakness that rests the strength of Freddie Mercury, thanks to the emanation of the powerful energy produced by a major inner contradiction: " To be or not to be". He was , however. So much, that he will remain for a very long time in the collective memory. For some of us as an example to follow, and for others as the symbol of a lost generation, one that should not be imitated, whatever the pleasure derived from listening and appreciating those who are beyond us in their way of being and dying. Farewell Freddie. Rest in peace… © Roland Legrand 12 January 2019
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