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What ABLAS has to offer

Besides teaching astrology, ABLAS is also dedicated to helping people along their way. To do that, Roland does in depth analyses in various way to meet everyone’s need. See below for more details.

In depth analysis of the BIRTH CHART also called NATAL CHART

Recorded   in   mp3   format   for   the   AUDIO   version   and   mp4   for   the   VIDEO   version,   this   analysis   is   intended   for   you   to   understand   “who   you   are” and   “why   you   are   who   you   are”.   The   positions   of   the   planets   and   other   elements   around   the   zodiac   at   the   time   of   your   birth,   precisely   indicate what   sort   of   person   you   are   and   what   where   the   motivations   and   other   influences   to   take   the   path   of   life   that   is   yours   today.   Roland   will   reveal the   “hows,   whys   and   when”   to   help   you   do   what   may   appear   necessary   to   make   better   use   of   your   hidden   potentials,   as   well   as   act   more efficiently   to   control   yourself   in   a   much   better   and   constructive   manner.   This   50   to   60-minute   analysis   will   cost   you   175€   in   its   AUDIO   version or   225€   in   its   VIDEO   version.   The   files   will   be   downloadable   from   a   link   emailed   to   you   about   two   weeks   after   your   order   and   payment   have been received. To order, CLICK HERE

Yearly forecast

Each   year,   the   Earth   does   one   revolution   around   the   Sun.   When   the   Sun   comes   back   to   the   very   same   position   it   was   when   you were   born,   this   is   the   moment   of   your   birthday.   Each   year   this   phenomena   happens   at   a   different   time   and   sometimes   a   day before   your   actual   birth   date.   A   chart   can   be   drawn   for   that   exact   moment.   It   is   then   analysed   in   a   certain   manner   to   forecast how   the   coming   year   is   likely   to   unfold   in   all   areas   of   your   life.   The   analysis   is   done   chronologically   from   around   your   birthday, to   the   next.   The   information   thus   derived   are   very   precise   and   useful   to   make   the   best   of   what   awaits   you   month   after   month, as   much   as   to   help   you   avoid   the   less   beneficial   aspects   of   your   life   according   to   the   situation   you   are   in   and   the   questions   and other   requests   you   may   make   when   you   fill   the   order   form   that   you   will   find   by   CLICKING   HERE.    The   costs   of   this   analysis,   called “SOLAR RETURN” in its AUDIO and VIDEO versions are the same as above: 175€ and 225€  

Longer term forecast

Analysing   the   effects   of   the   planets   in   transit   around   your   birth   chart   allows   a   far   more   distant   view   than   Solar   Return   analysis   does.   Some planets   progress   very   slowly   around   the   zodiac.   Their   influence   is   deeper   and   often   explains   why   particular   situations   or   ambiances   prevail   for so   long.   Analysing   the   incidence   of   the   TRANSITS   is   a   source   of   precious   information   that   you   will   be   able   to   put   to   good   use   on   a   long   term basis,   allowing   more   time   to   prepare   yourself   in   order   to   derive   the   best   possible   repercussions   from   what   happens   in   the   heavens   above   in relation to your life down here on Earth. Once again, the costs is the same as above. 175€ for the AUDIO version and 225€ for the VIDEO version. CLICK HERE to order yours or anyone else’s now.


A   karmic   analysis   of   your   birth   chart   is   what   I   call   the   “nec   plus   ultra”   astrology   has   to   offer.   It   allows   an   insight   in   your   passed   incarnation,   on how   you   led   your   life,   what   may   have   happened   then   and   what   you   have   brought   back   when   you   where   born   in   the   present   life.   It   also   shows your   life-path   and   helps   you   find   your   life   “mission”   with   a   view   of   the   future   as   far   forward   as   your   next   incarnation.   Knowing   that   your present life is linked to your previous one gives access to what you should do to prepare your next incarnation in the best possible way. This analysis costs more for AUDIO and VIDEO versions than the ones above because the work involved is much greater as you can imagine. The AUDIO version is 205€ and the VIDEO version 255€. CLICK HERE to order yours today
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