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 Learn astrology! An intensive correspondence course by Roland Legrand, founder of A Better Life Astrology School, based on the student’s own birth chart, with video support.   SOME QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS     WHY AN ASTROLOGY COURSE?   No   one   has   a   better   chance   to   succeed   in   life   than   those   who   can   predict   what   the   future   holds.   For   a   better collaboration   between   luck   and   fate,   free-will   and   destiny,   astrological   knowledge,   acquired   easily,   rapidly   and   in   a fun   way,   will   give   you   the   opportunity   to   master   important   events   and   to   reach   the   top   of   the   mountain   we   call SUCCESS and that you will climb at your own pace, according to your exact needs and projects.   HOW LONG DOES THE COURSE LAST AND HOW MUCH TIME WILL I HAVE TO PUT INTO IT?   The   16   lesson   beginner’s   to   advanced   first   section   of   the   course   has   originally   been   planned   to   be   completed   in   16 weeks   (one   lesson   per   week).   But   there   is   no   pressure   on   the   student   and,   if   you   feel   you   need   more   time,   it   may take   you   up   to   a   year   to   reach   the   last   lesson   without   any   impediment   to   your   exam   and   diploma.   I   found   that   a regular   20   minute   session   per   day   was   ideal   to   complete   the   requested   work   in   a   reasonably   short   time.   But   every one is different and your daily schedule may or may not allow you much spare time to study astrology.   WHAT DOES THE COURSE INCLUDE?   The COURSE has been realised with video supports. There are 4 modules of 4 lessons each.   Each   module   is   made   up   of   one   book   of   four   (4)   lessons   (in   PDF   file   format)    and   4   video   files   (mp4)    to   be viewed   while   reading   the   text   of   the   lesson.   Stop   the   video   every   time   you   are   requested   to   do   so   or   whenever   you need   to   go   back   on   any   of   the   topics.   There   are   also   exercises   to   do   with   every   lesson.   They   are   to   be   returned   to the School for correction at the end of the fourth lesson  of each module.   THE FOOLOWING ARE ALSO ADDED :   - Your BIRTH CHART. It   is   drawn   when   you   enrol   and   will   be   used   throughout   the   course   to   help   you   learn   how   to   read   and   analyse   any chart, beginning with yours. I believe that learning from one’s own chart helps progressing much faster. - Your BIRTH CHART ANALYSIS. A   computer   generated   analysis   (©   Roland   Legrand).   Around   20   pages   detailing   the   influences   of   all   planets   in   signs and houses, as well as all the major aspects they form with one another within your birth chart.     NOTE   THAT   EACH   MODULE   IS   COMPLETE   AND   SELF-SUFFICIENT.   During   the   entire   duration   of   the course, there will be nothing to buy, unless you decide to do so for various reasons.   HOW DOES THE COURSE WORK?   During   the   time   imparted   to   each   lesson,   you   must   read,   listen   and   watch,   while   working   on   the   proposed   material and subject AT YOUR OWN PACE . You will also have to do the requested exercises. At   the   end   of   each   module   of   4   lessons,   regroup   your   exercises   and   send   them   to   the   School   by   email   for correction. You may then relax until you receive these back, before beginning to work on the next set of 4 lessons.   The   4 th    and   last   lesson   module   includes   your   FIRST   DEGREE   EXAM.   Once   satisfactorily   completed,   you will   be   awarded   with   a   certificate   officially   attesting   of   your   ability   to   cast   and   analyse   a   birth   chart   in   a correct and efficient manner.   WHAT IS THE COST?   There are three otpions to choose from, as follows: 1 - All the relevant material without the corrections of your work 2 - All of the above + correction of your work as you progress 3 - All of the above + up to 8 one-hour Skype sessions to help you at any point of your study as needed   BENEFIT FROM A 40% REDUCTION IF YOU ENROL BEFORE 31 AUGUST 2017   CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT AND ENROL NOW!    CLICK HERE TO REQUEST MORE INFORMATION   CLICK HERE TO RETURN TO HOME PAGE